An immunocompetent young patient with tuberculosis of the penis: a challenging case

Vol. 56 No. 2 Suppl., 2015
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Maria Rotaru, Sorina Taban, Mona Taroi, Virgil Patrascu, Florina-Ligia Popa

Tuberculous chancre is an extremely rare form of cutaneous tuberculosis. The genital area is a possible site of presentation. We present a case of a young male with a persistent balanopreputial ulceration resembling a luetic chancre with negative serology for syphilis. The diagnosis was based on the specific pathologic features and the positive intradermal reaction to tuberculin. A successful treatment was achieved by combining antituberculosis treatment and surgical approach with circumcision. After six months of antituberculosis treatment, the patient developed paradoxical inguinal lymph node enlargement, which, after surgical excision and biopsy, was not followed by a relapse of the disease and needed no further therapy. Tuberculosis should be considered a potential diagnosis in the case of a persistent genital ulcer.

Corresponding author: Sorina Taban, Associate Professor, MD, PhD; e-mail:

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Mihaela Rodica Pauna, Iuliana Babiuc, Alexandru-Titus Farcasiu

Extreme atrophy of the mandibular alveolar crest can pose a great prosthodontic challenge, especially when the genial tubercles remain as a bony projection in the floor of the mouth. This article is a clinical report on the prosthodontic management of a severe mandible atrophy correlated with a prominent genial tubercle. A complete denture was carefully designed and fabricated in order to restore both the function and esthetics of the patient.

Corresponding author: Mihaela Rodica Pauna, Professor, DMD, PhD; e-mail:

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