Rare multiple internal root resorption associated with perforation - a case report

Vol. 55 No. 4, 2014


Paula Perlea, Cristina Coralia Nistor, Ioana Suciu, Mihaela Georgiana Iliescu, Alexandru Andrei Iliescu

Multiple internal root resorption is a rare outcome of chronic irreversible pulpitis. In some cases, a chronic apical periodontitis can be later on associated. Usually, the conventional intraoral radiograph is mandatory in diagnosis but only CBCT proved to detect the true location, shape and size of resorptive defect and, if present, a perforation generated by resorption extension through the canal wall. Unlike the intraoral radiograph, CBCT is also able to improve the management and the recall evaluation, demonstrating a higher accuracy and reliability.

Corresponding author: Paula Perlea, Senior Lecturer, DMD, PhD; e-mail: paula.perlea@gmail.com

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