Pontic morphology as local risk factor in root decay and periodontal disease

Vol. 54 No. 2, 2013


Magdalena Natalia Dina, Ruxandra Margarit, Oana Cella Andrei

Introduction: In absence of treatment, old single edentulous spaces are subjected to progressively decrease in length due to tilting and rotation of the teeth situated mesial and distal. Lately when these spaces are prosthetically restored with a bridge and these teeth are becoming abutments, sanitizing of the prosthetic restoration is achieved with difficulty, the space between the pontic and the gingival surface becoming an area rich in pathogens that can cause various complications on the abutments. Aim: Considering these aspects, in this study we wanted to highlight the presence and the types of the microorganisms that can be found under the pontic even in an ideal situation, selecting only young adult patients with a good oral hygiene and only with metal-ceramic bridges. Materials and Methods: Determination of microorganisms was achieved by growing on BD Columbia Agar with 5% sheep blood. Incubation was done in anaerobe condition using GENbag system produced by BioMerieux Company. Results: The microorganisms that we determined were Streptococcus mutans, S. mitis, S. oralis, Gram-negative bacilli (Bacteroides ovatus, B. thetaiotaomicron) and Gram-positive bacilli (Bifidobacterium spp., Actinomyces israelii, Clostridium butyricum / beijerinckii) with relevance in the carious and periodontal disease. Conclusions: In cases of single unit bridges with very narrow pontics, even in patients with a very good oral hygiene and metal-ceramic restorations, we can still find micro-organisms that can potentially generate decay or periodontal disease on the abutments, located in the gingival area underneath these pontics. These bacteria can have negative implications on the long-term prognosis of prosthetic restorations.

Corresponding author: Ruxandra Margarit, Assistant, MD, PhD; e-mail: ruxandra.margarit@gmail.com

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