EGFR, HER2/neu and Ki67 immunoexpression in serous ovarian tumors

Vol. 53 No. 3 Suppl., 2012
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M. C. Marinas, G. Mogos, Raluca Ciurea, D. G. Mogos

In this study, we analyzed EGFR, HER2/neu and Ki67 immunoexpression for 26 benign, borderline and malignant serous ovarian tumors. EGFR and HER2/neu immunoreactions were present in some benign/borderline tumors with high/low intensity of immunostain. In poorly differentiated adenocarcinomas, the EGFR/HER2/neu reaction was intense compared to well-differentiated ones. The Ki67 medium proliferation index was 2.1% for benign tumors, 6% in the borderline and 47.7% in malignant tumors. EGFR, HER2/neu and Ki67 can be used to identify benign/borderline tumors with progression potential and the malignant aggressive tumors.

Corresponding author: Marius Marinas, MD, PhD candidate; e-mail:

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Vanda Roxana Nimigean, Lavinia Butincu, V. Nimigean

The aim of this study was to evaluate the incidence of intraradicular retention and the prevalence of different types of posts used for the restoration of endodontically treated teeth, in clinical practice. Materials and Methods: The study was performed on 94 digital panoramic radiographies that allowed a comprehensive appreciation. Root canal fillings and the posts were identified on these radiographies and their correctness and quality were assessed by measurements according to the data provided by the specialized literature references. Morphologic parameters investigated were: length, diameter and configuration. Results: 474 teeth with endodontic treatment were identified, of which 224 were post restored: 156 (69.6%) using cast posts, 55 (24.6%) using prefabricated non-metallic posts and 13 (5.8%) using threaded prefabricated metallic posts. Regardless the type, we have noticed a great number of errors (84.37%) concerning the manufacturing, the selection, or the application of the post. The errors resulted from disregarding at least one of the investigated morphologic parameters. Intraradicular retention is indicated in clinical situations were dental tissues destruction does not allow placement of crown fillings. Conclusions: The improvement of endodontically treated teeth restorations retention with posts is appropriate as long as post preparation does not undermine the remaining tooth structure. Scientific debates still exist regarding the safest modality to restore a non-vital tooth.

Corresponding author: Victor Nimigean, Professor, PhD; e-mail:

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