Considerations upon a case of synchronous primary malignancies: adenocarcinoma of the sigmoid and clear cell carcinoma of the right kidney

Vol. 52 No. 1 Suppl., 2011
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A. Kozokic, V. Surlin, B. Petrovic, V. Petrovic, G. Prvanovic, I. Beraru, Simona Cheregi

Synchronous primary colon and renal cancer is a rare but real clinical entity reported with variable incidence. An 81-year-old man admitted for abdominal pain and melena is diagnosed with right colic tumor by colonoscopy and with simultaneous right kidney tumor by CT-scan. The patient is adequately prepared and scheduled for laparotomy. Both tumors are resected in the same surgical session with curative intent - right hemicolectomy and right radical nephrectomy. The patient recovered well and was discharged after 10 postoperative days. The microscopic examination indicated an adenocarcinoma in the sigmoid and a clear cell renal carcinoma in the kidney. Immunohistochemical staining did not find any compatibility between those tumors. The patient started chemotherapy and is under appropriate oncologic follow-up. Modern investigations allow detection of simultaneous malignancies making possible the planned simultaneous resection of both. Histopathologic examination will proof the diagnosis of primary different malignancies.

Corresponding author: Valeriu Surlin, Lecturer, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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