Parietal abdominal endometriosis following Cesarean section

Vol. 52 No. 1 Suppl., 2011
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M. Pasalega, C. Mirea, I. D. Vilcea, I. Vasile, I. E. Plesea, F. Calota, C. Mesina, H. Parvanescu, M. Baluta

Endometriosis is a pathological feature induced by the presence and ectopic development of islets of endometrial active cells. The most common site of occurrence is the genital system, causing specific gynecological pathology. The extragenital localization of endometriosis is rare, but it is more severe and it may have a malignant local evolution, although its structures remain benign. The endometrial inclusions in the abdominal wall scar are iatrogenic "implants", created at the same time with the surgical operation, performed on patients with genital endometriosis. The only curable treatment of this topography of endometriosis is the surgical removal of all the pathological tissue, through a large excision. The hormonal therapy is adjuvant. Our study presents three cases treated in our clinic; the most important objective was to establish the etiological diagnosis and, subsequently, the large excision of the lesions.

Corresponding author: Marin Pasalega, MD, e-mail:

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