Comparative histomorphometric study of bone tissue synthesized after electric and ultrasound stimulation

Vol. 52 No. 1 Suppl., 2011
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Malina Coman, Mihaela Hincu, Petra Surlin, Garofita Mateescu, A. Nechita, Mihaela Banu

The clinical use of the alternative therapies in traumatology is conditioned by the knowledge and understanding of their actions on the bone tissue. The hereby study aims at the comparative assessment of the effectiveness of the direct current and ultrasounds in treating the fractures. Thus, we have proceeded to a comparative histological study of the bone tissue in the fractured area and the biomechanical description and the three-dimensional model of the stimulated boneâ??s behavior by using micro-CT X-rays and the finite element analysis. The findings clearly show that the bone, which has been stimulated during a period of two weeks, has regained its functions, that is 85% of the compression one and 95% of the shearing one. These values prove that 90% of the bone structure has healed.

Corresponding author: Malina Coman, Lector, PhD, e-mail:

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