The involvement of metalloproteinases and their tissular inhibitors in the processes of periodontal orthodontic remodeling

Vol. 50 No. 2, 2009


Petra Surlin, Anne-Marie Rauten, Garofita-Olivia Mateescu, B. Oprea, Maria Maris, H. Manolea

The orthodontic treatment uses forces that produce structural and biochemical changes in the periodontal space breaking the balance between the synthesis and the breakdown of the collagen in the periodontium. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) plays a central role in the normal tissular remodeling processes, those in the tissular morphogenesis and the tissular repair (including the remodeling of the periodontal space of the periodontal ligament, during the dental orthodontic translations). The inter-relation between the molecular mechanism of orthodontic remodeling and MMPs is still unclear.

Corresponding author: Petra Surlin, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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