Neuromuscular investigation in diabetic polyneuropathy

Vol. 50 No. 2, 2009


Ligia Rusu, Mirela Lucia Calina, Elena Taina Avramescu, Elvira Paun, Mirela Vasilescu

The aim of this paper is to present to new method for assessment diabetic polyneuropathy, before the moment of first clinical sign. Our working presents the method of tensiomyography (TMG) for assess the muscle composition rapports with muscle fibers types I and II. This composition can help to have an image regards the neuromusuclar potential of muscle during diabetic process. Tensiomyographic parameters included time contraction Tc, time delay Td, sustain time Ts, displacement Dm, and relax time Tr. All these parameters give information regards muscle fatigue in correlation with muscle composition. Muscle composition regards fibers type I or II is in relation with Tc, increase of these parameters means decrease of muscle fibers type I that means muscle fatigue. Also, values of Dm help us to assess the muscle tonus, elasticity and response to electrostimulus. We consider that this method helps the clinicians to have a prediction of a future polyneuropathy at diabetic patients.

Corresponding author: Ligia Rusu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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