Warthin tumor: a curious entity - case reports and review of literature

Vol. 50 No. 2, 2009


Alexandra Faur, Elena Lazar, Marioara Cornianu, Alis Dema, Camelia Gurban Vidita, Atena Galuscan

Warthin tumor was first described in the American literature, by Aldred Warthin, in 1929, the pathologist who named this tumor papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, but since than it was also knew as adenolymphoma, cystadenolymphoma, and Warthin tumor. Because of its microscopically appearance and unknown origin, this tumor entity is still fascinating head and neck surgeons and pathologist. We evaluate the histopathological aspect of Warthin tumors using Hematoxylin-Eosin stain, and immunohistochemical and histological techniques. We reviewed the medical record of patients with salivary gland tumors diagnosed at County Hospital of Timisoara from 2002-2008. In six years, 22 cases with Warthin tumor were diagnosed and among them 17 men and five women, with average age 58.47. The analysis showed that 77.27% of Warthin tumors occurred in men, and the main histopathological aspect was with 50% epithelial component. The stromal component showed a prominent B-cell population by staining with CD20, and histological techniques for mucin were positive, and reticulin fibers were revealed while using Gordon-Sweets stain. The standard and the histological and immunohistochemical techniques highlighted the complex and variable microscopical appearance of Warthin tumor that the pathologist should consider when a diagnosis for this tumor is to be considered.

Corresponding author: Alexandra Faur, MD, PhD, e-mail: alexandra_pantu@yahoo.com

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