Clinico-imagistic and anatomopathologic correlations in sarcomas of maxilla

Vol. 47 No. 2, 2006


Daniela Dumitrescu, Petra Surlin, Cristiana Simionescu, Mihaela Mitroi, Cristiana Iulia Dumitrescu, M. Popescu, Zoia Stoica

Sarcomas are relatively uncommon tumors, accounting for 1% of all malignancies. Sarcomas are commonly classified according to their site of origin: soft tissues or bone. The purpose of the clinic study was to focus the symptoms and the clinic signs. The radio-imagistic study is essential in the evaluation of the maxilla tumors. The histopathologic study was done to determine the histological type, the differentiation level, the invasion level as well as the presence or absence of the metastases in drainage ganglia. The correlation of the findings of this study leads to a clear and correct clinic diagnosis, an adequate local or general therapy and a prognostic. The diagnostic role of imaging is essential and often permits the orientation to benignity or, on the contrary, requires biopsy if the image is an aggressive one or of uncertain nature. Advances in diagnostic imaging have contributed substantially to the management of tumors. The strong collaboration among the physician, imagist and anatomopathologist serves the patient's benefit.

Corresponding author: Daniela Dumitrescu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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