Human bilateral doubled renal and testicular arteries with a left testicular arterial arch around the left renal vein

Vol. 47 No. 2, 2006


M. C. Rusu

During educational dissections at a human adult specimen, male, a complex picture of anatomical variants was encountered. Bilateral doubled renal arteries were found: on the right side superior hilar and inferior hilar renal arteries and on the left side superior hilar and inferior polar renal arteries. All these renal arteries emerged from the abdominal aorta. Also, bilateral doubled testicular arteries were found. On the right side, the medial testicular artery emerged from the abdominal aorta while the lateral testicular artery left the superior renal artery. On the left side, the lateral and medial testicular arteries emerged as a common trunk from the abdominal aorta. This trunk originated from aorta behind the left renal vein and arched over that vein to descend and to divide in front of it. The two kidneys were keeping a fetal aspect, lobulated, more obvious on the left side. The right hepatic artery was found originating from the superior mesenteric artery; it coursed posterior to the portal vein and was sending the cystic artery. The right gastric artery emerged from the initial segment of the gastro-duodenal artery. Even though some morphological and topographical aspects regarding this complex anatomical variation have been described, it seems that the bilateral presence of doubled renal and testicular arteries has not been reported. The left testicular trunk arching over the left renal vein must be considered when discussing the nutcracker syndrome. During diagnostic and surgical approaches at the levels of the renal, gonadal and hepatic vessels, associations of anatomical variants and the bilateral presence of these must be suspected.

Corresponding author: Mugurel Constantin Rusu, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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