An unusual "tumor" of the cecum: the inverted appendiceal stump

Vol. 47 No. 2, 2006


Sorina Tăban, Alis Dema, Daniela Lazăr, I. Sporea, Elena Lazăr, Marioara Cornianu

Intussusception of the appendix in adult represents an uncommon entity. We report a 54-year old woman who underwent an appendectomy 24 years previously and who was hospitalized for changes in bowel habits and periumbilical and epigastric pain. A sessile polypoid tumor of cecum was discovered during colonoscopy, which was removed. Histopathological examination showed that it was the case of an inverted appendiceal stump. Authors present reviews of the literature concerning clinical features, associated conditions, diagnosis, classification and therapy of this extremely rare condition.

Corresponding author: Sorina Tăban, MD, PhD, e-mail:

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